Make more money selling online solutions - without the hassle of hiring your own team.

Are your current clients asking for services that you cannot offer?

Did you know that you can offer professional web design services even if you don’t have a background in graphic design? All you need to do is ‘resell’ the professional web design services of OrozDesign Multimedia Group.This reselling arrangement lets you offering to your clients affordable website design service, graphic design and more.

Partnering up with our company allows you to add a profitable revenue to your business. As a reseller, you gain access to a low-cost and high-tech web design team available on demand for you and your customers.

OrozDesign Multimedia Group Reseller Programs gives you the ability to offer your clients all the same great services as we do using your own brand and company independently. This gives you unlimited capabilities to increasing your monthly income significantly.

We encourage you to contact us with all of your questions and concerns regarding reselling of our web design packages.

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As a reseller, what am I expected to do?

When you sign up as a web design reseller, you essentially recruit clients to send to our expert web design team. Your job is to act as the middleman—you sell web design services to your customers and then pass on the work to us. We will quote you a price, which you can then markup. Whatever profit you earn is yours to keep

Do I get to package the web design services under my own brand?

Yes. We offer an attractive private label opportunity in the world of web design. Be sure to sign up for our reseller program that allows you to do business under your brand name. We remain anonymous throughout the entire process, allowing you to label everything as your own and grow a sustainable internet business.

How much can I earn?

Once you join our web design reseller program, you can enjoy wholesale prices on our web design services. You are then free to charge your clients whatever you like, keeping the difference. Want to lower your prices so you can cater to smaller businesses? You can do that. Want to charge three times more for bigger companies? You can certainly do that, too. Mark up as little or as much as you want. What you earn is your business.

Do I need any website design or development experience to become a reseller?

No. Previous web design experience is not crucial to your success as a reseller, although it would certainly serve you well to have general working knowledge of web development. Even if you are a new internet entrepreneur with no coding skills, there are plenty of opportunities in reselling web design.